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Wow, a whole section about me!

Who is this guy? Dude, Myth or Legend. Well let me tell you I am all them including a career Firefighter and the best title I have is Dad.


In a world where everyone is using pro-nouns I am using adjectives and mine are Beefy and Cranky. I love to photoshop my friends in funny and goofy ways. I also live adding me to friends social media pictures I like to call it something is missing.  

I believe in having fun while doing what I love, and I love what I do. I bring a unique brand of humor and delight to you project. Not to mention, I'm super easy to work with as long as you go along with all of my ideas and never give me any lip..

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Our Story

Green Turtle Designs (GTD) was founded in 2013 by Chuck Klein in Levittown, PA. GTD is firefighter-owned and operated. We are dedicated to helping customers grow their brand awareness.

Green Turtle Designs was named after Chuck's son, Bobby. When Bobby was born, he was in and out of the hospital. While asleep in the hospital, he would lie on his stomach with his hands and legs tucked under him. Chuck became to refer to Bobby as "My Little Turtle". Upon launching the company, Chuck asked Bobby what his favorite color is, and Bobby replied "GREEN!" and with that, Green Turtle Designs was born.
​​GTD was founded out of necessity. After ordering custom decals from a local shop for Bobby’s racecar, Chuck noticed the vinyl deteriorating rather quickly. After that experience, Chuck knew he wanted to start his own company and give customers the best products made from the highest quality materials. GTD only offers their customers products that they can guarantee are the best and would only use themselves.

Our Mission

GTD stakes its reputation on providing high-quality products to
its customers while maintaining our roots in the community as a
family-operating company. We take great pride in working with
our customers to create solutions that establish and expand
their branding. We want you to experience success while
propelling your business forward with our products and to
ensure your image is presented perfectly. We strive to help
local businesses grow and encourage individuals to support
their local economy. We give our customers fast on-time
deliveries, all while being able to give back to our community.

Our Core Values

At GTD, we strive to provide you with fast, friendly service both
before and after each order. We listen to you and your needs
and believe success comes from working together. We aim to
ensure the ordering process is fast and easy all the while
meeting your deadline. We exhibit honor, respect, and
determination to provide you with solutions fitting your needs
and ensure your purchase is worth every penny spent. We
always deliver what we promise.

At the end of every order, our goal is that your experience was
exceptional. Whether you are a new or returning customer, you
will leave feeling accomplished and satisfied with your finished
product. We aim for you to become a long-term customer and
friend that will come back time and time again because you
know we will come through for you.

Here at Green Turtle Designs, we embrace new ideas and
technology. We will never stop learning or adding new products
to our inventory. We don’t do average. We do AWESOME!

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Contact Us

101 Washington St

Studio 18

Morrisville, PA 19067


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