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About Us

Green Turtle Designs (GTD) was founded in 2013 by Chuck Klein in Levittown, PA. GTD is firefighter-owned and family-operated and is dedicated to supporting our customers and growing their brand awareness.


Green Turtle Designs was named after Chuck's son Bobby. When he was born, he was in and out of the hospital. When he would sleep in the hospital he would lay on his stomach with his hands and legs tucked under him. Chuck called Bobby "My Little Turtle". When he started the company back in 2013, he asked Bobby "What is his favorite color?". Bobby replied "GREEN", and poof Green Turtle Designs became the name of the company.


Green Turtle Designs (GTD)was started because the owner Chuck had a local decal shop make decals from one of his designs for Bobby's racecar. Just after 1 month, the vinyl started to crack. That's when Chuck knew he wanted to start his own company and give his customers the best products made from the highest quality materials. We only offer our customers products that we guarantee are the best and that we would only use ourselves.



GTD stakes its reputation on providing high-quality products to our customers all while becoming the big fish in a small pond in the signage and marketing product industry. We take great pride in working with our customers to create solutions that establish and expand their branding by engaging with the entire community, businesses, and individuals alike. We want you to experience success while propelling your businesses forward with our products. Our goal is for you to achieve success by us ensuring your image is presented perfectly. We strive to help local businesses grow and encourage individuals to support their local economy. We give our customers fast on-time deliveries. All while being able to give back to our community.


We strive to provide you with fast, friendly service both before and after each order. We listen to you and your needs and believe success comes from working together. We aim to ensure the ordering process is fast and easy all the while meeting your deadline. We exhibit honor, respect, and determination to provide you with solutions fitting your needs and ensure your purchase is worth every penny spent. We always deliver what we promise.


At the end of every order, our goal is that your experience was exceptional. If you are new or returning you will walk away from feeling accomplished and positive. We aim for you to become a long-term customer and friend that will come back time and time again because you know we will come through for you.


We stand behind our products. Here at Green Turtle Designs, we embrace new ideas and technology. We will never stop learning and adding new products for you. We believe the best about our team and we do it right.

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