Our Outdoor Flags are made with weather-resistant fabric material make it extremely resilient to all types of climates and conditions. We offer feather flags and custom flags. Choose to print on both sides for the most efficient use of this outdoor flag! 

Popular Uses & Ideas
  •  Grand Openings

  • Event / Trade Show Signage displaying Promotions, Product Details, etc.

  • Charity events and Promotional Events

  • Themed Backgrounds for photos 

  • Weddings

  • Proms

  • Job Fairs 

  • Partys  

  • Photo Shoots

custome flag.jpg

Custom Flags

Our custom pole flags can transform your logo or artwork into a dynamic flying reality. Flags are printed with high quality eco-safe inks through our dye sublimation process. Whether you are flying your flag on a pole or simply hanging it in your room. We odder them in single or double-sided.

  • Features: 

  • Maximum size 62" x 100' 

  • 4 oz. Polyester flag material

  • High resolution digitally printed 

  • Dye sublimation

  • Scratch-resistant 

  • Washable 

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Feather Flags

Our Back Drop- Large Tube is portable and ideal for a background display for all types of indoor events such as trade show booths and photo shoots. These stands have telescoping poles that extend out, meaning they are adjustable to certain sizes. Stand also includes a travel bag. Insert are constructed with pole pockets.

  • Featured Package Includes:

  • (1) High-Resolution Fabric Dye Sub Graphic

  • (1) Outdoor Flag Hardware

  • (1)  Stake Base

Call for Price 267.540.8549
feather flag.jpg

Flag Accessories

We offer many accessories for our flags. Depending on how you want to display your tent you might want to use one of the following bases or connectors 

  • Optional flag bases:

  • X-base

  • Canopy Leg Clamp

  • Car Tire Stand

  • wall mounts

Call for Price 267.540.8549